KREEP, passing 40%.

Hi everyone!

A bigger update this time. I’ve been working like a maniac this week, so a lot of progress ;). Based on my task tracking, KREEP is close to passing the “half-finished” barrier…

First and foremost, I’ve implemented breakable props and added graphics for them. From now on the tile map is multi-layered, props reside on a different layer on top of the “base” tile map, but they still collide with the entities of the world. The KREEP and lasers break the props, swapping their graphic and disabling their collision.

GIF from KREEP, breaking props.    GIF from KREEP, passing broken props.

The other bigger task completed is doors. Doors will also influence game-play and map design just as much as props, since they are indestructible, but can be passed/opened any time by the players and the KREEP.

GIF from KREEP, door opened by a player.    GIF from KREEP, door shot by a player.

The same way as the last two weeks, been working a little on tiles too. Here is a new experimental map featuring some new tiles. Warning totally WIP!

KREEP prototype screenshot #3

The final feature set is starting to take shape, so next week may be more about implementing missing entities and rules, than about new content, but I will try to take nice GIFs and screenshots too and I’ll make sure to write down my findings about a recent private test session with my friends.

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