KREEP, quantum testing.


A small update now, but planning to do a big one by the end of the week. This is just a warm-up for the new player character graphics ;).

As I have mentioned last time, we made a test play with my friends, but hastily I implemented teleporting before it :).
Quantum gates in action:
GIF from KREEP, the teleporter in action.
The teleporters come in multiple colors, to be able to identify their connection. They can not be destroyed as common props, since that could “jeopardize” some level design possibilities, and sadly I decided to not include spawn/teleport-kill (lazy me), so no Quake-like rampage, sry. This was “left out” indeed for the sake of simplicity. For the same reasons KREEP will not use the teleporters (what a mess that would be :S), and if a connected gate is occupied the teleportation won’t happen:
GIF from KREEP, occupied teleporter.
This feature looked really cool, while I was making and testing it, but it somewhat contributed to the “much less fun test session, than the last one” :(. Due to these features added lately (destructible props, doors, teleporters) the maps became a bit noisy and chaotic. Some players always lost the track of their characters when they used it regardless of the color-coding. I think this could be helped out with some audio-visuals, maybe some particles or something similar around the used gates, and some louder, more memorable sound (can’t help it, this comes to my mind: Doom, what a cool sound and effect 😀 ).

The other problem which made play-time less enjoyable was the KREEP progression. I amplified it’s power a little just before testing, because my main intention is to limit a match time as much as possible to around one or maximum two minutes. This backfired a bit :D. We were tore to shreds in half a minute every time, and literally could not stop it. Since than, I’ve implemented a configuration system, to fine control it’s spawn time speed-up/down over time. With the new curve it is much much better, but still needs a little work. The base configuration can be overridden on a per-level basis, so if it does not work out for smaller levels I’ll be able to band-aid it.

That’s it for now. Next time I’ll present the new player graphics and will talk about the future plans with the game.

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