KREEP, calm before the storm.

Hello there!

While I was preparing my greenlight page material, I realized, that I did not share anything about the KREEP itself so far. At least visually not much. What a shame, it is kind of a main character (antagonist), should deserve more from me :). Also lately I had some tweaks in its palette and animations so it kind of reached its final-ish state.

Here it is in it’s glory devouring the place:
GIF from KREEP, the KREEP in action.
This was captured right after starting a test level with two players. Only mentioning this because, both the player count and the size of the devoured place (+ passed time) influence the spawn speed and the number of simultaneously occupied tiles.

Another thing I was not posting too much are screenshots. I guess GIFs are just more fun to create 🙂 ?! I’ve been building some levels for capturing more varied game-play footage, so this is the best time to share some pics:

KREEP screenshot #4A deep space medical station.

KREEP screenshot #5

A smaller fighter ship.

Br, onto the video!

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