KREEP, bitter work.

Hi everyone!

Sadly no game-play video still. It is a bit of an amateurish thing, but I totally underestimated the time it takes to put together a nicely prepared teaser video with game-play footage (silly me 😦 ). It is actually near completion, just minor fine-tuning and a final render is required so expected arrival is within one or two days, but will not rush it! I felt a bit glum because of this thing so I really wanted to post an update at least with some new screenshots and my newly learned words of wisdom: Do not underestimate the time it takes to capture cool game-play footage and editing it aesthetically, especially if it is your first time doing it! No, a few afternoons is not going to be “totally enough”. Again, silly me being captain obvious here :(.

Another reason why I took the time to actually polish the video as much as possible is my own “taste” game-play and game teaser video wise. It may be, that my taste is skewed in this regard but I’m really nit-picky. If a video is more than two minutes I usually just skip it. Only exception if the first thirty or sixty seconds are so cool, that I decide to not skip it. I like those the best which teases the plot or world and the feeling of the game-play too. So I really think, that both the atmosphere and the general game idea should be presentable with a good video somewhere between one or two minutes. There are exceptions of course, because this is dependent on the game itself. I do like the medium and there are lots of really cool game videos which I enjoy and love to watch and re-watch again and again, but yep, as I said nit-picky, and I’ve been trying like a mad-man to meet my own expectations…

KREEP screenshot #6
A mining colony on a Mars-like planet.

KREEP screenshot #7
An asteroid mining station. Put this together using existing tiles only, but I may change the “rock” tiles to a new one, since I’m not totally satisfied with the final composition.

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