KREEP, birthday greenlight.

Hello there!

I took some time off from development. Both my fiancee, my dad and I had our birthday last weekend so it was loooong :). But it’s finally here, I’ve published the greenlight page for “Operation KREEP”. Fingers crossed! Please check it out and if you like what you see drop a thumbs up ;).

Operation KREEP – Steam Greenlight
Steam Greenlight Logo
If you do not have a steam account or if you are not a fan of greenlight, I would still like to present the teaser video, because producing it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and I’m really proud of it. At least even though being my first gameplay/teaser video I think it became pretty cool. Check it out and share it with your friends if you happen to have the same opinion.

Also, here is the “branding” image I made. I feel a bit lazy due to not creating a more box-cover-art like thingy, but I got carried away lately with capturing gameplay and GIFs, and I really liked this scene:

Branding GIF for KREEP

As you can guess, I haven’t advanced too much since my last post. I’ve started developing the last larger feature, the game rule mutators, but it is not yet in a presentable state. Next week if time allows I will have their design finalized and maybe some nice GIFs and screenshots of them in action too.

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