KREEP, mutagen.

Hi all!

A real update this time with more content than news…
As mentioned in the short description of the game in the early days, game rule mutators were planned to spice up the gameplay. I got half-way through implementing and fine-tuning them (currently nine mutators are planned for the final version), so I thought they are ready for an early look!

Since these are more complex features they deserved to be showcased in a video format. Only two is described in the video in detail (and a third one hidden in there šŸ˜€ ), but the others are similar in their complexity and game-changing effect. The idea behind them is not a biggie: instead of “game modes” I thought having complex game-rule variants and allowing all of them to be active at the same time could lead to more “fun”. A flexible skeleton code is ready too for easily adding more mutators as I go.

Time for GIFs, sorry can’t help it šŸ˜€ they are lovely, nothing new just the same here for the GIF lovers šŸ˜‰ :

GIF from KREEP, the
Energy shield:
Free from one shot one death, the personal energy shield saves each player from one hit.

GIF from KREEP, the
Killing KREEP speeds up your weapon for a time.

Greenlight is going slowly but steadily, but other everyday-life factors take a lot of my time too lately. Will try to grind my way for the demo version in the upcoming weeks.

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