KREEP, Boom! Ready or not.

Hello everyone!

This update took a while, a little sickness and a lot of work are to blame ๐Ÿ˜ …
I’ve finished implementing all the mutators planned for the final version. The most interesting ( means crazy ๐Ÿ˜€ ) ones, which required a lot of work, are the “explosive” mutators. Overall I’m satisfied with the result. They do indeed vary the rules to a level, that in most cases it feels completely different to play. Sometimes in a fun way :), sometimes in a chaotic/hard-core way. Mission accomplished.

Made a video about the explosive stuff, since again this is a bigger addition. With the completion of the mutators, I’ve left the code/system in a state, that if I decide to later on, I can add new ones with ease. Going to do a similar refactoring on the map system, since I do not plan on shipping a map editor, but at least would like to include the possibility of adding self-made maps.

Did someone mention GIFs?! As always, captured some animations about the new graphical elements:
GIF from KREEP, the
Rocket launchers:
Get ready to swap your lasers to sweet rocket-propelled grenades.
GIF from KREEP, the
Bomber Blaster Dynaman:
As a secondary weapon players drop timed explosives.
GIF from KREEP, the

Exploding corpses:
The armor of players hold a timed explosive, activating when going out of business.

Also, it was a long time ago since I’ve added new screenshots, so here it goes:

KREEP screenshot #8

KREEP screenshot #9

With this update I got close to finishing the implementation of most of the planned features and mechanics. Based on my todo list, it looks like, some content (tiles, maps etc…) and mostly finalization and polish are left, but of course a whole lot of that. Don’t know yet what the next update will hold, since from here on many things will be touched, but nothing will stand out much. Maybe some fancy pics about the menus and user interface? A bit boring I know, but already put work into it and it is slowly becoming pretty realized.

Greenlight “progress” have slowed down after close to three weeks to an extent, that it is starting to worry me a little. Maybe I’m in for a looooong wait or simply steam is out of my reach yet. I know, that KREEP is not a typical mass-appeal game, so as a retro/niche game I was kind-of expecting this. Will see, still hoping :), fingers crossed!

If you did not vote yet and like KREEP, now is the time ๐Ÿ˜‰ !

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