KREEP, Ready, Set, Tiles!

Hi there!

Small update this time. This week I’ve completed the final tile set for the game. Not so many new ones, but they were really missing from some of the maps to finalize the look & feel. Updated most of the maps, some new screenshots:
KREEP screenshot #10
KREEP screenshot #11
Also gave some love to the thrusters and pipes of the space ship levels:
GIF from KREEP, thrusters animated tile.    GIF from KREEP, thrusters animated tile.
While I was working on this update, I made a GIF just for fun.
Been planning to showcase the UI/menu design, but it’s not there yet. Close to being fully functional, and it is starting to look fun and fitting, but needs some time. I guess no biggie, menus are usually boring. The next update will most probably feature it though…

Bigger plans do not seem to work out too well. When I fixed the feature set mid project, shortly after deciding to try Steam Greenlight, I estimated to finish the project by the end of September. It looks like the release is going to be postponed a little. Thankfully just a small glitch, mid October seems to be more accurate now. Also Greenlight is not looking good. It seems, that a Steam release is not going to happen, still looking for votes :(. So if you like KREEP and want to see it there, please give a thumbs up!

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