KREEP, on old computers?!

Hello again!

So I’ve been working on the menu of the game and it is close to being finalized. Not happy with all the sprites and colors, but I think I’ve achieved a “retro sci-fi” look which fits the game really well. Captured some footage from most of the screens in action (sorry for the minor bugs, cut it together from multiple recordings):

Other goals, beside achieving a good style, were presenting all the relevant settings and match info whenever possible, while not being too cluttered and having a straight-forward workflow. I hope I’ve got this right?!

Took some screen shots this weekend too:

KREEP screenshot #12

KREEP screenshot #13

Okay, so we are over the “boring” part ( I guess no one gets fired up by some menu screens 😀 ), onto news. I have a kind-of release date. No exact day, but based on the work left and the free time I will have put aside for development in the upcoming month, it is safe to say, that after three more weeks ( max four 😀 ) the game will be complete. From the beginning I’ve planed to release a demo too and no change on that front. Probably within two weeks I will have it ready. Stay tuned…

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