KREEP, full Steam ahead.

Hello all!

Small update regarding Operation KREEP. I’ve started working on the game again. As I’ve mentioned before, it is number one priority now. When it comes to decision making I’m usually really slooooooooow, but this week I came up with all the must have and all the won’t have time for them (but still would love to have them) features and their designs. I guess the hard time limit worked miraculously. This means the following for the Steam release:

  • It is going to happen in the first week of march.
  • Some new features will be added by than (not only to the Steam version).
  • Most probably a few minor patch may follow, containing new content too besides bug-fixes, if there is even more interest towards the game.


As I wrote the last time, I really don’t want to overdo this, but there were some “love to have, but they aren’t going to make it” features when the game was first released, so some new stuff will find it’s way in there, with a proper Steam integration. Here they are, the plans I’ve cooked up and started to implement this week:

  • Achievements (not exclusive for the Steam version).
  • Some new maps.
  • A few extra mutators to stir the existing rules up a bit 🙂 .
  • And possibly a “challenge” mode (sort of like a single-player mode).

No time for more sadly. Even these additions will require some overtime during the weekends 😀 , but I’m excited about extending the game, so I’m going to make it happen! There are still things in the back of my mind what I would love to add (like full controller support besides XInput, or extra map elements like “trap” tiles etc…) but those are going to happen as post-Steam-release updates only.

Stay tuned, will write updates about my progress as I go…
See ya!

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