KREEP, first week of March.

Hello everyone!

Yep, I know it is not the first week of March 🙂 , but I think a little irony never hurts + it is helpful to make one remember, that “man proposes god disposes”!
The first week of March was the planned finish (maybe even release!) date for the Steam update for Operation KREEP. Albeit it was a vague plan, still, here I’m close to three weeks after and I’m not even finished with the extra content.
Planning is hard, keeping yourself to your plans is even harder 😦 …

Oh well, at least huge progress this week 🙂 ! Here they are, the new goody goodies I’ve added to Operation KREEP:
Three new mutators made it into the update and they are fun as hell 😀 .

Chaos KREEP in action. This is what I call “hard” mode, or “really chaotic” mode. The KREEP not only spawns it’s “KREEP-lings” every second or so, but moves around the map too.

Slow missiles is really weird 😀 , players can race their projectiles 😛 .

I suspect Explosive vandalism is going to be a real game changer but only in case of short matches, or it will enforce careful play, so players don’t blow the whole map up in an instance by shooting at large group of props accidentally 🙂 .

Besides implementing the new mutators, I made some subtle modifications on the user interface. Since I plan to add a few new levels next week, the number of levels are going to be close to twenty, and I realized, that navigating a rather lengthy list with only the arrow keys is going to be cumbersome…
I didn’t want to overhaul the whole UI, so instead of adding mouse control or redesigning to have a grid based level selection, I’ve implemented page-up/down, home, and end key support. While I was at it, I added entry number indicators to make the scroll-bars more useful.

That’s a wrap for this week. I think it’s still too early to declare a finish date, especially based on my progress during the last two months, but I’m getting close now, so I think by the end of next month, the new content and the Steam build is going to be mature enough to release it.

As always, I’m open for critique and suggestions, and stay tuned for the next update!

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