KREEP, 1.1.

Hi all!

Small update (~announcement) this time. Operation KREEP 1.1 is available:



Now if you buy or re-download the game on one of these store-fronts you get the latest version 😉 .

I made a little teaser too this week for the update:

Still working on releasing it on Steam but based on the tasks left, it is only a matter of days. I didn’t really wanted to set a fixed date, like next Friday or something like that, but it is safe to say, that by the end of next week it will be ready.

I will write a “mini-mortem” for this 1.1 update and the Steam release once the whole thing is behind me, since a lot can be learned from these summary goodies + compared to the development of the original game I feel like my level of discipline and the overall organization of the project was a mess 😦 , so I have to draw my conclusions and keep this lesson in my mind.

Take care!

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