KREEP, birthday.

Hello there!

Small update but big announcement this time 🙂 !
Operation KREEP is one years old and it is available on Steam!

Here it is, its Steam store page in its full glory:

Technically speaking, it is a tad bit older than one year. I wrote the first draft of the design doc in 2015. May 22. and the repository + the project files were created in 2015. June 2., but it is pretty close. So it took a year of part-time work (occasionally off and no more than two days any given week) to get it from the concept in my head to the Steam store. So the release today was an appropriate birthday gift 😀 .

Thanks for all who helped me getting here. From all the praising words to the helpful comments.
Thank you!

Currently I still have a lot to take care of regarding the release but I did not forget about the punctual postmortem this project and I desperately need to write. Next time…

Best regards.

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