I Am Overburdened, it’s alive!

Hello there!

In the big sprint towards publishing this game I forgot to update my blog with a proper release announcement 😀 . I had to split myself in millions to actually finish the game and put it out there, but still, silly me how could I forget 😐 .

Takeaway: I have to prepare better for my next release, but I heard from other developers, that no time is actually “enough” 😀 .



Yes, I Am Overburdened was released at evening (by GMT) on the 2nd of November.

It can be bought on Steam and itch.io for 4.99$ and there is a launch-week 20% discount so get it while it’s hot (currently at 3.99$ which may vary based on region)!

icon_steam_small icon_itchio_small

There is also a tiny extra for my previous customers, call it a “gesture” if you will. On Steam if you bought Operation KREEP before, there is a Magic Item Tech RETRO Bundle to “complete my games” and you get an extra 10% off for I Am Overburdened (sorry itch.io users, I haven’t found a way there to bundle it like this).

First day

Now that I’m over the big rush for the release and over the first day, I can slowly ease into handling issues and working on updates, fixes and fine-tunings. The first batch of feedback is really positive and I got decent featuring from the press so far, which is awesome. People seem to understand and like the game, many even praise it and are really enthusiastic about its future 🙂 . This is an awesome feeling!

The game is up to a slow start sales wise but it is too early to draw any kind of conclusions (it’s only been a day). Of course I will do that in a few weeks in another blog entry. Fingers crossed 🙂 .

Thank you!

Allow me to grab this opportunity to formally say thank you. Thank you for all who followed the development. Thank you for those who supported, helped and encouraged me along the way. Thank you for everyone who contributed, either with tips, suggestions, testing or critique. And thanks for everyone who already bought the game, I hope you all are having a great time 🙂 !

I’m adding a new screenshot about the inn in the game (pun intended 😛 ), because in the last two weeks of development I changed it a bit (added even more stuff to the game 😀 ).


Thanks for reading, I’ll be back with more stuff soon.
Take care!

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