I Am Overburdened, where have I been?

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last I Am Overburdened update and I haven’t posted anything online for more than a month now. In this post I’ll showcase the changes in the latest version which went live today and I’ll go into what happened to me.


So I uploaded version 1.1.7. It does not contain many new features or new content, but has some nice additions.


The game has been localized to French ( 2018_04_20_flag_fr 2018_04_20_flag_ca …), Danish ( 2018_04_20_flag_da …) and Romanian ( 2018_04_20_flag_ro …)! These are the first bunch of official translations besides English and Hungarian. I’m hoping the game will reach more players with new languages added. Of course I would like to add even more in the near future and I already started talking to translators to make this happen.

Special thanks to the translators for their work:

Nicolas Fourcroy (French), Victor Fisker (Danish), Fazekas Sándor-Imre and Vezsenyi Ákos (Romanian)


Another addition is the “developer” tools for localization and QA. In the latest build of the game three debug screens can be accessed. Of course these were developed for internal use, primarily to test translations, but I thought they could help anyone who would like to localize the game.

So I cleaned them up and added an option to access them in the release builds too. I also created an official guide how these tools can be used and how new languages can be added to the game.

P.S.: I guess using them could be considered cheating 😛 (spoiler alert!), since you can see all the items and monsters the game has to offer even if you have not unlocked or seen them previously.





To promote the new languages and the game itself a bit, currently it is 40% off for two weeks, so you can get it for 2.99$ (may vary based on region).

You can buy it at Steam or at itch.io.

icon_steam_small icon_itchio_small

What is up?

So yeah, long time no see and this update isn’t a huge one neither. What is going on with Magic Item Tech?!

Last month I stopped focusing on my projects and made the decision to find a full-time job. I already have a position secured at a studio. This does not mean goodbye, my contract allows me to keep my company and I’m not abandoning my games. Magic Item Tech and I Am Overburdened will not be forgotten, only they are becoming a secondary commitment.

Besides job hunting, organizing and integrating the translations, I also worked on new features from time to time. If you checked my Trello board recently you already know that the “save game” feature is getting close to completion. I’m planning to release ports and content updates too in the future. They will take more time due to working on them on the side, but I will try to make all the ideas I mentioned before a reality 😉 .

Thanks everyone for reading my blog and for all the support I got from you. I’m not sure when, but sooner or later more posts will follow.

Take care!

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