Hi, I’m Tamás Karsai (Spidi), a cat lover game developer living in Hungary. Used to grind for magic items day and night, now building games using technology fueled by them 🙂 .
If you have any feedback or problems to report, you can reach me at:

Mission statement

I formed my thoughts around two key aspects, closest to my heart, which tell what kind of games I’m trying to deliver and how I approach their realization. Turned out to be a bit lengthy, but certainly focused, feelings and goals alike, which define the game developer I am.

Thriving to create diverse games, designing them by their mechanics.


The game industry is a wonderful place by allowing a vast array of different experiences to coexist, and has a respectable audience appreciating the whole spectrum. Be it a game about shooting bad guys, or a game about solving puzzles seeking to train the mind, or a game focusing on evoking a certain emotion.

Design by mechanics

Games first and foremost are about their mechanics. This is the core of the medium. It is interactivity what separates them from other art forms and media. It is the ways players are able to interact with a game, which defines them both as an art piece and as a product. I’m looking to come up with interesting mechanics before anything else, than designing the actual games around these mechanics to discover the full potential of these ideas.

Cats, living, working

As I mentioned I live and work in Budapest, Hungary in a cozy flat we rent with my wife Ágnes. Currently game development is my full-time pursuit, trying to make a living and building a sustainable business. We are also the owners of two lovely cats Judy and Helena, although we always refer them as our bears 🙂 .

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