Currently I’m working on two games parallel. A small “arcadey” rogue-like game with a funny twist to the common formula called I Am Overburdened and a real-time strategy game called Unified Theory with heavy focus on base management and puzzles. Check out my recent posts for more info.

Operation KREEP

Operation KREEP box art

In space no one can hear you KREEP…

Operation KREEP is a two-dimensional top-down couch co-op multiplayer
action game. An extraterrestrial organism threatens deep space exploration
missions! Only trained personnel working as a team can eliminate these
infestations. But, the corporation financing the space endeavor has a
private mail for you:
Cold hard cash for the alien alive!

Which side will you choose?

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Operation KREEP is my second completed solo game project from start to finish. It is a frantic local multiplayer action game. Check out my blog posts and it’s page for more info.

PC Steam – 2016 Jun 10.
PC & IndieGameStand – 2015 Oct 31.

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Lost in the labyrinth of memory

Guide your apprentice wizard out of the labyrinth of memory.
Survive the dreadful trial, built to test your mind,
but beware, you only have a short moment to decide your path;
otherwise your faith will lie in the hands of Fortuna!

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Memorynth is my first completed solo game project from start to finish. Though a simple one, puzzle and memory game fans may find it fun. Check it’s page for more info.

Released: PC – 2015 Mar 6.

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