KREEP, apples and penguins.

Hi everyone!

Haven’t written for months now about Operation KREEP. It is time to revisit this old buddy bud bud of mine!

Yes, as the title suggest, it is cross-platform time 😉 …


Not official, but soon…

Nope, sadly no official release yet 😦 , but the Linux build is ready and tested (at least on my Nix machines) and the MAC build is ready for testing too. This means, that in a week or two an official release can happen, although a little piece of the puzzle is missing.

I require additional pylons!

I have two PCs, so I tested the Linux version of the game on two Ubuntu versions, but more would be nice (zillion distros 😦 ) + I HAVE NO MAC MACHINE 😦 …

This means, that the MAC build essentially never ever been started! I would really love to release the cross-platform builds, players already asked for them, but without sufficient testing it is not going to happen. Buying a MAC would be a somewhat logical investment at this point, but Operation KREEP (and my whole game development venture for that matter) is on an extremely tight budget as it is not profitable so far, so I will try to postpone that a little.

Feedback, results, “compensation”

Based on the differences between the builds (almost 0 code change, only packaging varies), I think a few simple checks would suffice. Whether installation works (files copied, icons set etc…), whether the game starts and basic configuration settings checks (settings work and are saved to correct application data folders) + a short test play round just for fun 😉 .

I know it is shady to ask for free QA for a product, but this is the reality of the situation I’m in 😐 . If you would like to help out I thought about sharing a limited amount of Steam/ keys for the full game as a “payment”.

I put together a short form to ease reporting results: KREEP, apples and penguins

If you dislike sharing any personal information, but still would like to help out, please simply post results as comments here or contact me by e-mail:

I guess contact info of a cheap&used MAC reseller in Hungary could help too if you know any 🙂 .

Demo builds

2017_03_24_logo_mac 2017_03_24_logo_nix

Porting tech stuff

Just a little tech talk as closing words. The windows version of the game was made in C# using XNA. Two really cool projects were born to both preserve and enhance XNA in the last few years. MonoGame and FNA. Both are great and well established/tested at this point, but I choose FNA for porting Operation KREEP to Linux and MAC. My reasoning was the following:

  • Around a year or two ago when I was using MonoGame to work on my Linux machines I encountered some difficulties. MonoGame on Nix platform was using OpenTK for window, input and OpenGL context management and as I know, that library had it’s fair share of bugs and there was no real support/contribution/fixes for it for a long while.

    Remark: as I know the MonoGame team changed to SDL2 lately, the same library FNA uses under the hood so it is probably not the case by now. 

  • MonoGame favors a per-platform build approach, which looking at all the possible target platforms (desktop, mobile, consoles) is a logical choice, but requires managing and building multiple executables for each target. FNA from the get go approached this with a common desktop runtime, so one build works on all major desktop platforms (only packaging has to be taken care of per target).
    Remark: if I’m not mistaken, last year a “common desktop” build was introduced for MonoGame too, so technically it could work the same way as FNA for desktop.

  • The FNA developer Ethan Lee had laser focus on cross-platform desktop XNA development and delivery, and the wiki for FNA had a really nice documentation about both working with FNA (differences and extras compared to XNA) and packaging + delivering games using it for Windows, MAC OS X and Linux. This documentation seemed really helpful and complete.

All in all I suspect both libraries could work perfectly for publishing your games to the three major desktop platforms, but I wanted to give FNA a try too. I was pleasantly surprised, most things worked like a snap without much fiddling.

That is it for today, in a few days I’ll post a new video & blog entry for I am overburdened. If you decide to help MUCH LOVE, SUCH WOW 🙂 and thanks awfully!

Take care!

KREEP, birthday.

Hello there!

Small update but big announcement this time 🙂 !
Operation KREEP is one years old and it is available on Steam!

Here it is, its Steam store page in its full glory:

Technically speaking, it is a tad bit older than one year. I wrote the first draft of the design doc in 2015. May 22. and the repository + the project files were created in 2015. June 2., but it is pretty close. So it took a year of part-time work (occasionally off and no more than two days any given week) to get it from the concept in my head to the Steam store. So the release today was an appropriate birthday gift 😀 .

Thanks for all who helped me getting here. From all the praising words to the helpful comments.
Thank you!

Currently I still have a lot to take care of regarding the release but I did not forget about the punctual postmortem this project and I desperately need to write. Next time…

Best regards.

KREEP, 1.1.

Hi all!

Small update (~announcement) this time. Operation KREEP 1.1 is available:



Now if you buy or re-download the game on one of these store-fronts you get the latest version 😉 .

I made a little teaser too this week for the update:

Still working on releasing it on Steam but based on the tasks left, it is only a matter of days. I didn’t really wanted to set a fixed date, like next Friday or something like that, but it is safe to say, that by the end of next week it will be ready.

I will write a “mini-mortem” for this 1.1 update and the Steam release once the whole thing is behind me, since a lot can be learned from these summary goodies + compared to the development of the original game I feel like my level of discipline and the overall organization of the project was a mess 😦 , so I have to draw my conclusions and keep this lesson in my mind.

Take care!